Markus Neumann

Who am I?

With enthusiasm and commitment, I specialize in training, moderation, coaching and consulting in all contexts that involve effective communication and personal handling of change.

My focus is on the further development and optimization of personal skills and abilities of employees at all levels and the development of teams towards more effective communication.

The core competencies lie in the areas of team development, interviewing, presentation, perception/self-image/external image.

My work is always oriented towards the goals of the company and the personal goals of the people. I am business and result-oriented and I am convinced that sustainable success is only possible with the joy of effective communication.

Studied business administration (Dipl.-Kaufmann), focus on human resources at the LMU Munich.

Many years of professional experience in a managerial position in sales.
Founder and shareholder of AfW from 1995 to 2001 (today
Training as a trainer, moderator and coach in 2007.
Trained as a mediator with a focus on business mediation in 2014.
Training Applied Positive Psychology 2018.
Training Positive Psychology in Business and Leadership 2018.
Training Team Master Coach 2020.
Training online trainer 2021.
Certified Agile Project Manager 2021.
Lecturer for sales and customer service at Schmalkalden University.
Lecturer and trainer at the Regensburg Chamber of Crafts.
Trainer training certified according to the DVWO seal of quality.

What am I doing?

Project preparation and project implementation, optimization of communication processes, Self-management, presentations, speeches, training concepts, better meetings.

Training and Coaching
Team development – how can we be more successful together?
Effective communication – how can I communicate more successfully?
Positive Psychology in business and leadership – how to do good work?
Self-image / image of others – how do I see myself and how do others see me?
Presentations – how do I convince and achieve my goals?
Appearances in front of an audience – how do I really come across?
Interviews (on camera) – how do I answer toxic questions in a targeted manner?
Conducting discussions – how do I argue in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented manner?

Strategy, department, positioning, theme workshops, team days and team sprints.

Conflict resolution between individuals and teams in a business context

Why am I a partner of EAM?

As a network, the EAM connects various specialists on topics relating to the development of individuals, managers, teams and organizations and can thus offer a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the further development of people and companies. What is particularly attractive to me is the work against the background of neuro-scientific findings, without which, in my view, effective, effective and lasting change in challenging times is difficult to achieve.