Dr. Sandra Mittag

Who am I?

As a sociologist, I am interested in questions about the well-being of the individual and society, about impact, added value and sustainability as questions of life. For more than 25 years I have had the opportunity to get to know the university, school and social sectors, the public service and the world of foundations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as their cooperation partners from business and civil society – as an employee, project manager, head of department and for more than ten years as a Managing director. In the higher education sector, I have advised, researched, done my doctorate, practiced, published and given lectures in the field of quality management and evaluation for university management and teaching staff. As the manager of a non-profit educational institution, I was able to carry out change management myself and contribute actively and effectively to the benefit of society.

I am a trained systemic business coach and experienced in mindfulness and meditation exercises to prevent stress and burnout.

I am characterized by enjoyment of life, clarity and commitment.

What am I doing?

As a systemic business coach, I primarily support executives who are looking for new perspectives, strategies and scope for action, who want to make difficult decisions and overcome conflict situations or other challenges. I open up spaces for reflection that make further or new ways of thinking and acting possible.

I am also available to individual employees in their change processes, as well as to teams if the focus is on the personal development of the individual, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and togetherness.

In addition, I advise companies on their CSR strategy (especially the selection of social projects worthy of support), social and non-profit institutions on their systematic impact orientation, and companies/organizations on the implementation of evaluation processes and quality assurance measures.

Why am I a partner of EAM?

I am a partner of EAM because I am convinced that we can achieve more together than we can each do on our own. The EAM also unites partners with a sustainable and holistic approach – for me that has a model character.