Solutions and Offers for the Development of Teams and Leaders

Empower, Inspire and Energize the People

The Europa-Akademie-München was founded to help you to master all the challenges of the working world.

People in companies are the most important basis for success.

People in companies want to actively shape the necessary developments and changes.

Companies that develop their employees have a lower absenteeism rate and lower fluctuation.

What connects us are our common values and the feeling of bringing something new into the world with our energy, experience and creativity.

We look forward to accompanying your teams, managers and your organization in your change process.


The offers and services of EAM are holistic and therefore sustainable

We are experts in team, executive and organizational development with many years of experience. Our goal is to improve working life holistically and sustainably.

We see that working life is changing significantly and the challenges for companies and employees are increasing in complexity and dynamics.

We see that companies that design the change process holistically are more successful.

We see a significant impact on the entire organization when individuals, teams and leaders are equally involved in the change process.

We see that employee development has the main influence on the success of a company or the organization.

We accompany you in the change process and we look forward to designing and implementing something new together with you.

We look forward to presenting our services to you personally.

Everyone can develop, that is, everyone can change. The energy that every human being has within is the engine and the strength that is needed for change. EAM helps to activate this power and accompanies people throughout their entire change process.



Systemic Team Development
Team Building

Team and Individual Coaching
Training & Workshops


Systemic Leadership Development
Leadership Skills
Develop Potential

Executive Coaching
Training & Workshops

The Organization

Systemic & Integral Organizational Development
Values & Corporate Culture
Leadership Guidelines

Training & Workshops
Consultation and Guidance

Our way leads
you to the target

The EAM accompanies

the entire process of development and change

Companies that focus on people and their individual development are more successful

The EAM helps

achieve a good working life

Working life improves when people feel free to develop. Satisfied people in companies are the basis for sustainable success.

The EAM supports

empowering people

The changes and developments are holistic and sustainable when they take equal account of the people in the team, the managers and the organization.

What is your destination? Feel free to contact us.


The partners of the Europa-Akademie-München are independent trainers, coaches, mediators and facilitators who have solid education in training and expertise in the development of teams, managers and organizations in the change process. The Partners of EAM empower people; they inspire and have the energy to initiate and accompany the holistic and sustainable process of change.

Amos Kotte

Dr. Sandra Mittag

Markus Neumann

Katja Schäfer​

Rainer Votsmeier​

Corinna von Giese​

Matthias Syska​
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How we proceed

Every person and every company is unique and so is every project and every development. At the same time, we have developed a consistent process that has proven itself many times.

Order clarification/briefing

The start of a good working relationship.


The basis for successful projects


The Guideline for Satisfaction

Team Development

Your teams develop and change in workshops, coaching and training sessions

Leadership Development

Your managers develop and change in workshops, coaching and training sessions

Organizational Development

The holistic process for changing and reorganizing your organization


The implementation of the measures shows their effectiveness


Establishing implementation means making change sustainable


EAM is your reliable partner in the development and implementation process


If you are interested in our services or have questions about us and our offer, we look forward to hearing from you. Or we can meet in person at our office in downtown Munich.

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