Corinna von Giese​

Who am I?

I am a partner of EAM because I have found a highly competent team here that works for and with each other, supports each other and combines and combines the best of our competencies for our customers.

My partners live and work on a common set of values that match my values: quality, individuality, personal growth and lightness.

We focus on people and create great things together.

I am pleased to meet you.

In the early days of my 25-year professional career, I devoted myself intensely to the study of human behaviour, always acting from the perspective of an actress, trainer and director.

This unique approach enabled me to develop a profound understanding of the complexity of human strategies and motivations.

With great enthusiasm I passed on my knowledge over several years at the renowned Munich Film School, where I worked as a lecturer.

Until a remarkable turn in my professional career led me to a complete reorientation. In this exciting new chapter of my life, I devoted myself intensively to further education in the field of systemic coaching, mediation and training. Today, this area has represented the majority of my work for 10 years, working with companies and individuals.

My approach as a systemic coach, mediator and trainer is based on a holistic view of the individual and the organizational context.

I firmly believe that true change can only be achieved by recognizing the underlying system dynamics and changing behaviour based on them.

What sets me apart overall is my ability to guide people through processes in a sensitive way. I am clear, attentive and also like to bring a pinch of humour to the table. With my skills in organizational development, I stand by my clients to support them on their way and to develop their full potential.

What am I doing?

Presentation and speaker training Presenting effectively with charisma and a confident demeanour Systemic coaching With a changed awareness in new behaviour Mediation Clarification before mediation becomes necessary Integral organizational development Micro-macro systems determine the complex whole

Why am I a partner of EAM?

The EAM enables me to go into the development processes in companies with a “we” and thus to be successful as a team.