Matthias Syska

+49 (0) 89 242 669 51

Who am I?

I am the founder and owner of EAM.

As a studied sociologist, I worked for 6 years in an agency for market and social research, in order to then contribute my expertise as a manager and executive in various positions and several industrial companies.

After 20 years in the industry, I decided to become self-employed because that way I could give my creativity space. In 2019 I founded ROOMS4PEOPLE, the centre for coaching, training and workshops in the heart of Munich.

Every day I see how great the demand for change is and I see how important development is for people in companies.

This is how the idea of founding another company came about, the Europa-Akademie-München, which is primarily concerned with improving people’s working lives holistically and sustainably.

What am I doing?


What am I doing?

After dealing with numbers, data and facts in the industry as Manager Marketing & Sales Excellence, I am currently taking care of my two companies holistically. I am responsible for all important areas of the company, such as marketing, financing, conception and their operational implementation.

I really enjoy bringing people together and seeing how this creates creativity and always something new.

Why am I a partner of EAM?

The idea and the concept of EAM is to develop teams, managers and organizations and to accompany them in their change processes.

What is new about this idea is that we are pursuing a holistic and therefore sustainable path with EAM. I am pleased that I have found partners for the implementation of this idea who have exactly the right expertise, interests and motivation.

The positive and energetic cooperation inspires me every day anew.